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None - 2001 Grammy Awards
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This one is a little different. Elton's electric performance with Eminem at the 2001 Grammy Awards was a real mindblower. In case you missed it, Elton just absolutely ripped up the piano, tossing out a classic Elton performance. The song represents an amazing hybrid of styles and musical generations. Eminem's rap features powerful and disturbing imagery that is counter balanced by a chorus taken from a song by Dido. Elton plays and sings Dido's section, providing an even greater contrast than the original recording.

The recording I had was not too good, but I've put together 2:00 minutes worth of highlights that show some of those incredible Elton riffs. The midi file has a few special effects from the extended GS midi standard. If your soundcard doesn't support them, you'll just miss out on some thunder and rain at the beginning of the file. This is the first time I've tried to capture a rap vocal in a midi file. Geez what a pain in the ass. Since they're spoken, they're nearly impossible to get right. But the piano part is all I care about.

Somebody's got to document this incredible music Elton provides us. Hope you enjoy it.