Some of the Best Elton John Sites!

Elton John Chords
Run by Stephen Collins, this a FABULOUS reference for musicians.
Chord charts for every single song - simply the best way to start playing Elton.

The Illustrated Elton John Discography
Dave Bodoh's illustrated lyric site; an essential reference.

Cornflakes & Classics
Paul Maclauchlan's comprehensive history of Elton John.

Elton John's Dark Diamond
Sonia runs one of the biggest and best Elton sites;
She is truly a great fan, with tons of stuff to look at.

Music Resources

Virginia Tech Multimedia Music Dictionary
The very best online music dictionary I've found. It's got all those articulation
symbols and italian performance expressions.

Theory On The Web
A really well designed site that covers all the basics of music theory. This is a first-
year college music theory course from Southern Methodist University (SMU).

Dolmetsch Music Theory Online
This is the most intense resource I know of, a real motherlode of information.
Besides covering first-year and second-year music theory, this site includes
music history, music appreciation, composition and orchestration.
You could probably earn your college degree from this site!

Dolmetsch Music Dictionary Online
Another dictinary for all those Italian musical expressions and articulation symbols.

Music Theory For Songwriters
A great reference on basic chord theory.


MIDI Technical Information

One of the best reference sites around, maintained by Jim Higgins

Knowledge Hound MIDI: Tips, tutorials and how-tos
Some of the best technical links for learning more about MIDI

Other Favorite Sites

Notes On: Beatles Music Analysis
Alan Pollack provides musical analysis for 193 Beatles' songs. Just INCREDIBLE!
Intended for serious music students, this is a model of what I try to provide for Elton.

Johan's Karaoke Site
Johan created all the karaoke files on my site.