Poor Cow
Reg Strikes Back
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Studio Version
Key: C-min Structure: A-A-B-A-B-C-B-B

OK I agree that the lyrics to this song, no matter whether Bernie intended this to be a biting social commentary or not, come off as a hateful sounding song. Bad choice of words Bernie, particularly the title. Bad taste Elton - you should have dumped this one. You all wonder why Bernie is accused of misogyny? Here's a good example. But I’m not here to discuss lyrics so get over it.

What we have here is a tasty little bit of music with some character to it. It’s not synth rock, but Elton puts a nice buzzy synth at the heart of this arrangement, driving the bass line and creating an aggressive feel to this song. Fred Mandel, an excellent synthesist, gives it that buzzy feel. But if you listen carefully, there are lots of little subtleties to be discovered and enjoyed in this tune: the quick vibe run towards the end, the vibra-slap in the percussion, the shifting backing vocals, and some real nasty bass riffs. Personally this song reminds me of Danny Elfman and the Oingo Boingo sound.

You won't find any prototypical Elton style playing on this song. The synth part provides a straight quarter pulse mirroring Elton's left hand. Elton mans the electric piano, tossing in some little riffs here and there. It's a fairly simple piece to play.

Structurally this song is built around 12-bar sections including verses, choruses and the bridge. Much of the song is based on a 4-bar instrumental line over the Cm and Ab, a line that kicks off the song in the intro and is repeated multiple times throughout. Its a great nasty aggresive line, perfect for the tone of this song. It'is also the basis for the melody. Harmonically, the verses are in Cm and the chorus is in the relative major key of Eb. Here's that intro electric piano line.

As you know, I like to include some of the more obscure Elton songs here at the café, and all in all I think this is a nice addition to the menu. Enjoy.