Jack Rabbit
Don't Shoot Me, I'm Only the Piano Player - The Classic Years
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Studio Version
Key: Eb Structure: A-B-A-B

Eeeh-Hah! There's no piano in this one as Elton once again displays his love for country western with this “bit of flak” as Bernie refers to it. His explorations into country on the Tumbleweed album weren’t just a passing fancy for Elton because Don’t Shoot Me has two of them and he would return to the genre in later albums also. The fact is, Elton could package a pretty decent country album if he chose to and he could add it to his duets with some of country’s luminaries.

Well I’m no expert at this subject so I don’t know how to characterize the arrangement. There’s a banjo, acoustic guitar, mandolin and pedal steel guitar in this one. (What! No fiddle!) Is it bluegrass? Whatever it is, it’s fairly quick paced and a toetapper. You gotta love the way these instruments blend together. There’s also a lot of moving parts. At times, 3 of the 4 instruments are following separate lines. The counterpoint is what makes it interesting to me as a musician.

The guitar pretty much just sticks to a rhythm role (hey someone’s gotta do it). The engineer gives everyone their own separate space in the mix so you can check them out. The drumming of course is fairly limited and the bass sticks pretty much to a oom-pah role.

This is a pretty straight tune harmonically although there are some small variances. In the key of G, the verses are

||G | G | G | C | A | A | D | D||

A two bar tag leads into the chorus which is

||C | C | G | G | C | A | D | D |
| G | G | C | A | G | G | D | G||

Using the major II (instead of the minor) is fairly common in country and other forms of American music. It's sometimes referred to as the V-of-V since A is the dominant V chord for the key of D.

Originally released on the B-Side of the Saturday Night’s Alright single, Jack Rabbit is a fun little diversion for me.