Dan Dare - Intro
Rock of the Westies
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Solo Piano Demo Version
Key: C  

Here's a few bars of a tune that shows off Elton's funky side. In my opinion Dan Dare is not up to Elton and Bernie's standards of excellence. Reportedly the recording session for this album was a fairly drugged out affair and that may explain the less than stellar results. But nevertheless Elton's playing is fantastic. He shows off the same bluesy funk style more well known in Take Me To The Pilot, with lots of "crushed" notes and roll-offs.

This recording is supposedly a demo version of the song from the recording sessions. It sounds very close to the recorded final version of the song, but with no other instruments. You get to clearly hear Elton's playing in all its unabashed glory.

I'd like to finish this tune someday because it seems like a fun one to play. Hope you enjoy the little bit I've transcribed, a teaser.