The Bitch Is Back - Piano Solo
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Live - One Night Only
Key: G  

By request, here's the piano solo from one of Elton's best rock and roll songs. You better have some serious talent to pull off this one! This is a straight rock-blues solo that's played at a lightening pace, yet Elton's playing is never out of control. He rips through it with all the rhythmic precision that only a virtuoso has.

Believe it or not, I think I've given you a simplified left hand from what he actually plays. In these guitar dominant songs, it's hard to hear the left hand. Using the dvd version of this song in slow motion and carefully adjusting the EQ on the cd, I was able to hear the top note of the left hand.

This is a great example of a blues solo that's derived from the traditions of boogie woogie. Good luck!