Bennie And The Jets - Piano Solo
Here And There - Remastered
1976 / 1995
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Live - Madison Square Gardens
Key: G  

I've gotten a lot of requests for Bennie over the years. It's a much beloved song and a concert favorite. You can find an excellent transcription of the original studio version in the Elton John Keyboard Book by Bob Leso.

Like many of his great songs, Bennie has changed in subtle ways over the years. This version of the solo is a little more technically challenging and interesting than the original. It's basically a written out solo rather than an improvised one. He's played it about the same way for many years and, since its pretty much become part of the song, he'll probably keep it this way.

When Elton decides to really cut loose on Bennie, it usually takes the form of an extension after the normal end of the song.